“Selah” — Your Moment to Stop, Think, and Step Into Your Future

selahWhat if all you did and all you are added up to more? Popular Christian speaker and author Nancie Carmichael invites you to come alongside as she examines the lives of people who took defining steps to make a greater difference. Their wisdom can help you live with greater joy and a sense of anticipation.

Selah helps you map out the next steps toward a more meaningful life-touching others, making positive changes, and leaving the legacy of a life well spent. With each chapter you’ll find yourself living more intentionally.



Other Books by Nancie Carmichael:


Surviving One Bad Year: Seven Spiritual Strategies for a New Beginning

surviving-one-bad-yearLoss has many names — divorce, death, illness, bankruptcy, depression, disappointment, betrayal, job loss, and more. And as we experience these losses, we sometimes wonder how we will survive.

Whether you are reeling from the blow of an immediate crisis or in need of help to sustain you for the long haul, you will find spiritual strength and practical strategies on every page of this book.

When difficult times come — and they come to us all — it helps to know that you are not alone, that you will survive, and that there will be an end to your crisis.

This book is dedicated to you, as you find that hope and help to survive your bad year.



Desperate for God: How He Meets Us When We Pray

desperateforgodIn the heart of every growing believer there should be a desperate cry for more of God — whether it’s to understand who He is or to be more effective for Him. In this book, Nancie compares the development of prayer to four stages of life: infancy, youth, mid-life, and maturity. Each step along the way is defined by a different need for God — with each need drawing you closer and deeper into His heart.

As you grow, you will discover the joy of prayer according to His will, the practical applications of a consistent, daily prayer life, and the peace and confidence of a close relationship with Him.



Praying For Rain: Surrender & Triumph In Life’s Desert Experiences

prayingforrainFollowing the death of her father, the adoption of a child with emotional and behavioral challenges, and the start of her own physical deterioration, depression had a paralyzing grip on Nancie Carmichael. The wife and business partner of a busy publisher, mother of five children, and a leader in her church, Nancie had gone from being a healthy, confident woman to becoming physically and emotionally ill. But in the midst of this emptiness, she heard the gentle voice of the Father whisper, Just let go. By learning to hear His voice — and through stress management, counseling, and healthier living — Nancie emerged from the desperation with invaluable wisdom that she shares here.



The Comforting Presence of God

comfortingpresenceofgodWell-known author and popular speaker Nancie Carmichael explores the life changes we experience and reveals the great constant in our lives-our Father God. Even positive change can be scary, but in every change we can count on God’s Word and His soothing presence to see us through. This book takes readers on a journey through the promises God has given us, including,
* He will provide guidance
* He will give us strength to persevere
* He will lift us up in difficult times
Through personal reflection and biblical insights, Nancie gives people who are hurting the healing balm of God’s love, the joy that comes from a relationship with God, and the calm of knowing Jesus as Savior.


Your Life, God’s Home

yourlifegodshomeJust as physical homes have a specific function and a unique design, your life has a purpose specifically designed by God. That purpose becomes clear as you become His dwelling place in this world. In these warmly written pages, you’ll be encouraged to live each day centered in a relationship with Him. You’ll learn how to build a life that will withstand every season and storm. You’ll come to find your identity in Jesus, the carpenter of your soul. And you’ll discover the excitement of welcoming Him into every corner of your world.


The Deeper Life

deeperlifeThis collection of 31 meditations invites readers to “stop their busyness, draw closer to God, and allow Him to lead them to a deeper life.”

Drawn from well-known author Nancie Carmichael’s years of “Deeper Life” columns in Virtue magazine, The Deeper Life offers encouragement and insight drawn from the Mary-Martha story: We need to be learning more from God, not doing more for him.



Lord, Bless My Child (by Nancie & Bill Carmichael)

lordblessmychildFor nearly two decades, Lord, Bless My Child has provided an enduring power of prayer for families. With a template to guide parents in praying for the character of God to be developed in the lives of their children, this book offers 52 prayer concepts that fall in line with God’s plan for each child. Included are scriptures, prayers, age-old quotes, and discussion questions for family interaction. There is also a place to journal the prayers — and later, how God has answered. When the child leaves home, many parents give this journal to their child as a gift so they can read the prayer journal entries, and see how God answered their parent’s prayers over the years.

This is a perfect gift for pastors to use at baby dedications or at baptisms and to give the new expecting mother. Grandparents and parents will enjoy sharing this book as they teach their family to pray. Prayer may indeed be a parent’s most important work. May He bless you as you pray for your child!


Lord, Bless This Marriage (by Nancie & Bill Carmichael)

lordblessthismarriageLord, Bless This Marriage will help couples or individual spouses to grow in their prayer life and in their marriage relationship. This keepsake prayer journal can be used as a record of God’s faithfulness, as a springboard for a couple’s prayers together, and as a guide for learning how to pray.

As couples write in the journal pages and the anniversary keepsake pages, the book becomes a keepsake that visibly traces God’s presence in their marriage.