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Every living soul has a power. We honored a man this week who was truly powerful. But he tasted failure, too. Where are the books and TED talks that tell us how to fail? How do we live when our power is taken from us?

HOW TO FAIL (And Succeed Beyond Your Wildest Dreams


How to Fail (& Succeed beyond your wildest dreams)

Where are the books and TED talks that tell us how to fail? It’s all about how to succeed. But we live in an upside-down kingdom.

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Nancie CarmichaelNancie lives in a tiny mountain community in Central Oregon. She has written many books including "Selah" and "Surviving One Bad Year." She speaks at a variety of conferences and retreats. She and her husband Bill are publishers and parents of five grown children and 14 grandchildren. Her book, "The Unexpected Power of Home" will be released in the Fall of 2018.View all posts by Nancie Carmichael

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